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This site is hosted by NETnorth Click here to download the latest version of Elkulator for Windows (version 1.0) (source code included).
Click here to download the latest version of Elkulator for Linux (version 1.0) (source code included).
Click here to download the previous version of Elkulator for Windows (version 0.6).
Click here to download the latest version of Elkulator for DOS (version 0.6).

July 17th 2010
Elkulator v1.0 released.

Changes from v0.7:

  • Improved stability
  • CSS Sound Expansion emulation
  • Plus 1 and First Byte joystick emulation
  • Sound pitch fixed
  • FDI disc support
  • Save states added
  • Debugger added
  • Redefinable keyboard
  • Bugfix to Master RAM Board emulation
  • Few other fixes
  • Linux port

November 11th 2007
Elkulator v0.7 released.

Changes from v0.6:

  • Complete rewrite
  • Now cycle accurate
  • Emulates Elektuur/Slogger Turbo board
  • Emulates Slogger/Jafa Master RAM board
  • Altered tape emulation, Evening Star and Southern Belle now work
  • Firetrack now perfect
  • Tape emulation now really fast
  • More video filters
This is much slower than v0.6, so v0.6 is still available.

March 13th 2005
Elkulator v0.6 released.

Changes from v0.5:

  • Much improved disc emulation - 2 drives, plus writing and DFS support
  • Fixed bug with config saving in Windows
  • Fixed crash bug in Windows XP

February 20th 2005
Elkulator v0.5 released.

Changes from v0.4:

  • Improved timing - steady raster splits in Spy vs Spy
  • Fixed bug that slowed down at least Arcadians and Killer Gorilla
  • Better GUI + sound in Windows
  • Joe Blade + other Players games should now work
  • Vastly improved HQ-UEF support
  • Support for ROM cartridges
  • Snapshots added
  • Screenshots added

June 23rd 2004
Elkulator v0.4 released.

Changes from v0.3:

  • Updated to latest UEF standard
  • Hi res 800x600 video mode - full detail in modes 0/3
  • Blur filter is back
  • Super 2xSaI filter
  • 6502 bug fixed, Frak! now works

November 10th 2003
Elkulator v0.3 released.

Changes from v0.2:

  • Updated 6502 emulator - faster, more accurate
  • New line-by-line graphics emulation, supporting palette splits and Firetrack
  • Plus 3 emulation
  • Sound now supports sample playback (Exile)
  • New GUI
  • Win32 version now available

October 12th 2002
Elkulator v0.2 released.

Changes from v0.1:

  • Some 6502 fixes + more opcodes
  • Some speedups
  • Blurring filter added

September 8th 2002
Elkulator v0.1 released.


  • Emulates basic 32k Electron
  • Emulation of all modes + some basic palette splitting
  • Tape emulation
  • Sound through PC bleeper and SoundBlaster